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White House Built

Ottawa Carpentry - Capital Carpentry is a small one on one company specializing in residential framing. We care about the home owners and we have the time to answer all of your questions, because there's no such thing as a stupid question. We want to build your home the way you deserve to have it built because we care. We want the building of your home to be a great experience for you, not a stressful one. Have your home framed properly, on time, and with a skill level hard to find.

Planning to build a home soon and you're not sure what to look for when it comes to the framing of your home?

  • Quality services and products
  • Fully ensured and covered by WSIB
  • Covered by home warranty
  • Specializing in custom residential framing
  This is one of the biggest and most important stages of your home building. Ottawa's Capital Carpentry can tell you what to look for and what you should know about framing, as well as all the little things we do that set us apart from the rest. Custom Built House


Capital Carpentry is proud to now offer green garbage removal. Why spend $1,000.00 on a waste bin when you could spend $500.00 on a far superior waste removal option. Instead of all the waste going into the land fill it is sorted and almost half the waste will be removed to be used as kindling and fire starter. It’s available for free at Capital Carpentry’s Reclaimed Lumber Yard. This green service is another Capital Carpentry innovation, our way of always trying to offer you more and stay ahead of the pack.